Reduce Administrative Burden on Volunteers or Employees

Mitiamo Sports is designed to reduce the amount of manual administrative work your club administrators have to perform.

Votecount / Best & Fairest Presentation Creator

Quickly and easily put your Best & Fairest votes into the program after the game, from a computer or mobile phone, and then, at the end of the year, you can create a professional looking slideshow presentation at the press of the button. No more manual vote counting.

Made for all sporting organisations

Mitiamo Sports is affordable for the smallest of clubs, yet useful for all clubs, leagues and governing bodies, at any level.


Note: Mitiamo Sports Software is not available yet - our developers are saying it should be ready late Jan/early Feb 2015. If you would like more information, or to be informed when it is ready, please Contact Us

Computer software for sporting clubs of all sizes.

Reducing the burden on volunteers and employees.

Mitiamo Sports is a software product from Mitiamo IT, an IT service provider based near Mitiamo, Victoria, Australia.

Running a sporting club is hard work, with the majority of the work often being left up to the same few people, often volunteers. Mitiamo Sports provides software solutions to make this easier. Mitiamo IT is owned by Nick Marlow, who is involved with the Mitiamo Football and Netball Club, and who understands the issues faced by sporting clubs. The software is very easy to use, and is getting new features regularly. Mitiamo Sports software will always remain affordable for small, volunteer run clubs.

Mitiamo Sports is also useful to leagues and governing bodies. In addition to helping with their own administrative tasks, leagues and governing bodies can provide each of their clubs and leagues with the software, at a very affordable cost.

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