About Mitiamo Sports

Mitiamo Sports is a software product from Mitiamo IT (ABN: 43 072 749 914), an IT service provider based near the small rural town of Mitiamo, Victoria, Australia. Mitiamo IT provides all kinds of IT & Computer services to farms, businesses and home users throughout North Central Victoria.

Mitiamo Sports came about due to its owners' (Nick Marlow) involvement with the Mitiamo Football &: Netball Club. Nick and others often performed various repetitive, manual or time consuming tasks for the club, and Nick started thinking that there has to be a better way.

The first thing that Nick wanted to avoid was spending many hours at the end of each season, manually counting votes and preparing a several-hundred slide PowerPoint Slideshow for the club Votecount. After searching several times over a few years, and not finding anything suitable, Nick set about creating a program to do it, and then decided to try and sell it to other clubs.

In early 2009, the first version of the program started up, and was sold to several clubs throughout Australia. While it was a bit "rough around the edges", it worked well, was very popular amongst its users, and saved them many hours of boring, error-prone, manual work. Due to the success of it, Nick decided to rebuild it, better. The result, launching in 2013, is Mitiamo Sports.

The intention with Mitiamo Sports is to eventually create a software package which will handle all the administrative work that a typical sporting club has to do, so as to make it easier to run a well organised sporting club.